• Work experience
  • August 2022 - Present

    Customer.io (https://customer.io/)

    Software Engineer

    Working as a frontend engineer in the In-App Messaging squad, I focus on enhancing the UI/UX for in-app message creation. Additionally, I collaborate in the recruitment process and enjoy being a Spanish tutor within the organization.

  • Jan 2018 - Present

    pymo (https://pymo.uy/)

    Co-founder, Engineer, & COO

    Responsible for product roadmap direction, spearheading frontend development, and ensuring client satisfaction with a seamless user experience.

  • February 2022 - July 2022

    Vimbly Group (https://www.vimblygroup.com/)

    Mobile Engineer + Consultant

    Worked closely with the Engineering manager to accomplish the planned roadmap for a product called “Mobile Text Alerts”; also evolving and improving (pagination, reducing time loads, adding additional language support) a white-label application for a client. The main tech stack we are using for the Mobile apps is React Native + NodeJS, and we deliver the mobile releases using automation through Bitrise and GitHub actions

  • June 2020 - July 2023

    UXCabin (https://www.uxcabin.com/)

    Frontend Engineer

    Collaborated in the creation of Pester a React Native app to ease working from home interruptions. Working as part of a big multidisciplinary, remote and diverse team in an ambitious mobile application (using React Native + Offline Support + Maps) to improve Emergency Management in US’s schools. We created a modern web application called "Health Screener" to health check students/community during Covid-19 (in US schools) using React + Hooks + BlueprintsJS, among other dependencies and tools.

  • March 2020 - December 2021

    Re-Robot (https://www.re-robot.com/)

    Project Manager + Frontend Engineer in Montevideo, UY

    Engaged on several projects within a varied team of UI/UX experts and in charge of the well-being and continuous improvement of the development process. We are vigorously working to diminish the gap between design and development.

  • January 2019 - June 2020


    Frontend Engineer in Montevideo, UY

    We created an MVP for an e-sports betting platform. I was in charge of the front-end implementation, in conjunction with a team of 2 backend and blockchain developers and another React developer. I have worked with React with Styled Components + NextJS for the front-end development. The project concluded with the onset of the Covid pandemic due to investor uncertainty.

  • June 2019 - July 2020

    IBEC / IBEC Mobile

    React Native Engineer - Project Manager in Montevideo, UY

    We have created an educational Mobile Application in collaboration with re-robot (UI/UX experts), that provided students and teachers access to courses, material, and other resources. I was in charge of the releases roadmap based on the client priorities and defining the overall project plan. Alongside this, I mentored Samuel, the other team member involved in the development team.

  • May 2018 - January 2020

    Xmartlabs (https://xmartlabs.com/)

    Project Manager - Mobile Engineer in Montevideo, UY

    Xmartlabs is a product engineering studio specialized in mobile-first products and one of the best-recognized Uruguayan companies in the USA. During my time in the company, I managed iPlayMe2 (https://www.iplayme2.com/), your playing tennis agenda. I shared the Product Ownership with the client; meanwhile, I was responsible for the communication and the process quality as part of a large and diverse team of 9 (including the client and me) composed of UI/UX experts, QAs, React Native developers, and a backend developer in based Budapest, Hungary.

  • October 2016 - December 2018


    Rails API engineer - AngularJS developer - Agile Facilitator in Montevideo, UY

    I worked on various projects as a backend engineer using Rails 4. In addition, I have been in charge of the project planning/management for many solutions we built with the team. Always willing for a continuous organic improvement of the methodologies and technologies used. During my time working in Motionsoft, the relationship was always great, and we became partners and co-founders of pymo, a product to integrate electronic billing into Uruguayan businesses.

  • November 2013 - December 2017


    iOS dev and Product Manager Holstebro, DK

    Linguoo is a startup known as “the narrated web”. I was in charge of the product management, technical decisions, and the general roadmap of the project. I was also implemented the iOS app available at: https://itunes.apple.com/uy/app/linguoo/id1003161368?l=es&mt=8 . In 2016 Linguoo was the winner of the WSIS award given by UNESCO. Linguoo was also selected to participate in various startup accelerator programs like HubRaum accelerator (Krakow, Poland) and Next Step Challenge (Holstebro, Denmark). The Linguoo team was also selected and specially invited to a Social Entrepreneur program called MECATE (2nd generation) in 2016 in Mexico.

  • August 2015 - December 2017

    KONA (http://kona.tech/)

    Solutions specialist, Engineer in Montevideo, UY

    I worked as an iOS developer using objective-c, and we developed and uploaded many applications to the App Store. After that, I transitioned into a Project Manager position with full responsibilities (project planning, human resources assignations, budgeting, and reporting) for many projects with Banks and highly recognized multinationals worldwide. The company was acquired recently by a leading digital banking platform in Latam called technisys.

  • November 2013 - July 2015


    Mobile and Web development in Montevideo, UY

    Projects I carried over were developing mobile applications for iOS and web applications using Ruby on Rails. While working as a freelancer, I played several roles, including project management, sales, budgeting, accounting. Furthermore, and because of the nature of the projects I was involved in, I constantly interacted with multidisciplinary teams of entrepreneurs, managers, graphic designers, and other developers.

  • March 2013 - November 2013

    TopTierLabs (http://www.toptierlabs.com)

    Developer/Analyst in Montevideo, UY

    I worked as a developer at TopTierLabs , and together with Anthony Figueroa (CEO of the company), we managed a full-sized project, now available at Apple store. I developed different functionalities, the front-end on iOS (objective-c) and the backend developed in Ruby on Rails with API services implemented with Sinatra. During my time in the company, I was also available for other projects, always attentive to the rest of the team and clients' needs.

  • February 2011 - September 2012

    Código del sur

    Developer/Analyst in Montevideo, UY

    Analyst and programmer at "Código del Sur”. I worked as part of the "iPhone labs" area to develop applications for Apple mobile devices. (http://codigodelsur.com/)

  • Education
  • November 2017

    Certified Scrum Master - Agile Facilitator

    Kleer (http://www.kleer.la/) in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Topics: Fundamentals of the Scrum Framework, Facilitation techniques, and collaborative decision making. Estimation and planning techniques.

  • March 2006 - November 2014

    Systems Engineer

    Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay

  • March 2006 - February 2010

    Systems Analyst

    Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Professional skills
  • Project management, Scrum, Agile + Lean Startup mindset

  • Database design/Queries

  • Technical documentation production

  • Tools I use daily: Slack, Notion, Loom, Trello, Figma, JIRA, git, github actions, bitbucket, bitbucket pipelines, vercel, AWS

  • Frameworks/Languages/Tools
  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript

  • React, React Native, jQuery, Angular, AngularJS

  • NextJS, vitejs

  • Ruby on Rails

  • iOS - Objective-c

  • I have created thngs and worked also with: Java, Kotlin, Assembler, Lua

  • Personal skills
  • Creative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker, Communicator
  • Writer
  • Leader
  • Passionated
  • Commited
  • Interests
  • Music

    A multi-instrumentalist, I'm deeply passionate about music. I'm currently involved in several projects in Montevideo, Uruguay. As Red Hot Chilipeppers says: "Music is my aeroplane"

  • Family & Love

    Aurora, León, and Sofía, illuminate my life. Together, we cherish clear, joyful and loving moments. Family is an invaluable part of my existence, and I prioritize being attentive to the needs of my loved ones.

  • Travel

    Traveling is my gateway to expanding my horizons, meeting new people, and embracing change. I see myself as a bit of an anthropologist, that likes to discover the local voices in the places I visit. I really enjoy having the next adventure booked. Although, with parenting, the nature of those adventures has transformed a bit—much to my delight!

  • Sports

    To counteract the sedentary nature of my work, I immerse myself in various sports. I have a fondness for running and biking, and have participated in several competitions. Currently, I'm diving deeper into calisthenics and making significant progress in kettlebell training. Moreover, I'm dedicated to enhancing my swimming skills, a pursuit I find both challenging and invigorating.

  • Languages
  • Spanish (native) 100 English 85 Portuguese 70